The Affair/ The adventure
Adaptare după „Somnoroasa aventura” de Teodor Mazilu


Gherman: Gabriel Costea
Cleo: Viorica Geantă Chelbea
Gabriela : Claudia Suliman
Ogaru: Marius Cisar
Manole: Demis Muraru
Admiratorul : George Custură
Cetățeanul, Leul : Relu Sirițeanu
Cetățeanca, Chelnerița, Secretară, Vânzătoare : Oana Hui

Muzica & Video : Mihaela Constantinescu (TVR)
Decorul si costumele: Rodica Garștea
Direcția de scenă si adaptarea: Dominic Dembinski

Data premierei: 10 Decembrie 2017

Preţuri bilete:

  • Categoria I – 25 lei
  • Categoria II – 20 lei
  • Preţ redus  – 7 lei
    Reducerile sunt acordate pentru pensionari, elevi şi studenţi.


The Affair/ The adventure

Mr. Gherman, an impeccable, irreproachable and implacable politician, is on the hunt for balance. And how else can he adjust the balance of harmony if not with Gabriele’s immaturity, responsibility and innocence.
And as the path to happiness is never an easy one, the man’s journey towards the young lady’s heart has to go trough aunt Cleo, a loving, intriguing mother of profession and eternally interested in her own comfort.
Mister Gherman abducting Gabriela seems to be the only solution for the two to be together. Ogaru, the inexhaustible sentimental crook and Manole, the honest lover, mechanic amateur of walks in Baneasa forest.
This story, pungent satire written by Teodor Mazilu that targeted the class of party activists in the 1960s, is adapted by director Dominic Dembinski to the events of December 1989 when the former will become by compliance the new leading class that will implement the “specific capitalism” in Romania. Thus the comedy becomes tragic and ends on a note that hopefully makes the nowadays spectator, who, after 28 years, is still the “victim” favored or not of it’s new history that still writes and rewrites itself, think.

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