The Liar

de Carlo Goldoni


Lelio: Gabriel Costea
Pantalone: Mihai Bica
Doctorul: Marius Cisar
Rosaura: Anca Florea / Simona Pop
Beatrice: Claudia Suliman
Colombina: Iulia Popescu
Arlechino: Gabriel Spahiu / Petrişor Diamantu
Brighella: Vlad Jipa
Florindo: Vlad Pavel
Ottavio: Demis Muraru / Bogdan Nechifor
Birjarul, Poştaşul, Barcagiul, Băiatul de prăvălie: Relu Siriţeanu
Interpret chitară clasică: Corneliu  George  Voicescu

Regia: Vasile Nedelcu

Scenografia: Andra Bădulescu Vișniec

Coregrafia: Mălina Andrei

Muzica originală: Ovidiu Iloc

Data premierei: 10 Martie 2018

Preţuri bilete:

  • Categoria I – 25 lei
  • Categoria II – 20 lei
  • Preţ redus  – 7 lei
    Reducerile sunt acordate pentru pensionari, elevi şi studenţi.

-the liar-
“Goldoni’s play is a masterpiece of the genre: anthology scenes, intrigue constructed with comprrhension, overflowing comic … Love, poetry, drama … all in one piece!
How coeval is it? Lelio (the main character) says: “Even Europe’s biggest journalist could not have invented such a good story. It’s been almost three hundred years since this piece was first written and it feels as if we’re still there: in the play, lies are called “bouquets of wit”. We call them fake news.
Do we have the right to make the one next to us sufferer out personal interests? How bad is the lie? How much comedy and drama can it bring? There are questions that we just want to ask and each one will give his own answer. The Carnival/ Circus of life has been the same crooked wheel for thousands of years. “Vasile Nedelcu, director

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